Anthem suggests changes to Obamacare replacement to Trump

Health insurer Anthem Inc. sought changes to the Republican replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act when its chief executive officer talked with President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish talked with Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price about elements of the GOP plan that he’d like to see “enhanced,” such as making sure that cost-sharing subsidies continue, and that “Medicaid is appropriately funded,” the company’s finance chief, John Gallina, told investors at a conference on Wednesday. Swedish also discussed “some of the things in the bill that we want to ensure stay in the bill, such as the elimination of the taxes,” Gallina said.

The company offers health insurance under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand in 14 states and is among the largest insurers to continue offering plans on the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. Anthem has also expanded its Medicaid business, fueled by the ACA’s expansion of that program to more low-income individuals.

“We’re extremely engaged with the leaders and the American public,” Gallina said at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference. “We feel very good, very encouraged, by the fact that the president and his team are listening and actually making changes based on feedback that the industry is providing.”

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